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Build With Clear H2O Inc

We keep things crystal clear

Water Filter Faucet

Become a customer now and enjoy our state-of-the-art water filtration system designed 100% for your convenience and benefit! 


Clear H2O provides cleaner, safer water for the entire family.  Every sink, shower, & toilet in the household will be filtered providing safer and cleaner water at every corner.


By installing a water filtration system in your household, you are not only improving your quality of life but the environment as well. Check out some more benefits of having a water filtration system 

Be better today with
Clear H2O!

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Plain Water
Drinking Water
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Yoga Session

Better for you 

Using filtered water on your skin ...

  • Minimizes skin & eye irritations 

  • Improves hair health  

  • Slows skin aging process

  • Minimizes breakouts & acne

  • + more

Family Celebrating New Year

Better for your family

  • Improves cleanliness of dishes & clothes 

  • Better water for cooking without chemicals 

  • Better tasting water 

Trees From Above

Better for the Environment 

Water filtration helps the environment ​

  • Switching to filtered water also helps the environment! 

  • Reduces plastic bottles

  • Removes water pollutants 

  • Reduces fossil fuel consumption 

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Better for your wallet

Did you know water filtration saves you money by ....

  • Protecting home appliances and improving their life expectancy 

  • No need to purchase "drinking water" 

  • Reduces plumbing issues, no need for a plumber

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